• Treats & prevents intimate skin hyperpigmentation.
  • Provides a unified natural tone of intimate skin.
  • Fortifies natural body defense against hyperpigmentation.
  • Protects skin against friction & shaving inflammation .

all natural & safe during pregnancy & lactation




Methoxycinnamate decreases melanin synthesis in MSH (melanocytes stimulating hormone) stimulated cells

Lower levels of Tyrosinase expression were determined in these cells after Methoxycinnamate application


Hydroxytyrosol increases Glutathione production in melanocytes by 55%

Glutathione favors the production of more soluble & lighter pigment Phoemelanin which results in brighter skin


Mulberrosides provide a powerful dual mechanism de-pigmenting effect, 4.5-folds more potent than kojic acid in inhibitory effect on Tyrosinase activity

Mulberrosides provide Protection against auto oxidation by superoxide scavenging activity


Intimate skin darkness (Axillae, perineum, genital area, thighs, nipples, areola, Linea nigra & back) in:

  • Pregnancy & lactation,
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Shaving & Friction.


Apply morning & evening on dark sensitive areas with a soft  massage.